Thursday, 24 March 2011

Primavera's Birthday Party

Hi, some spring sunshine and thoughts turn to the start of the mating season, for the alpacas that is !!
Camillia's little girl, Primavera turned one year old on the first day of spring, March 21st. With Commisario on her mothers pedigree, Primavera, grand daughter of Commisario, is set to be line mated with our son of Commisario, Regency. I like it when a plan comes together, then we just have to wait for the outcome next year. You learn to be very patient when breeding alpacas. We gave Prima a birthday party with jelly and ice cream, and her friends played party games, musical chairs when the legs fell off under a heap of alpacas was the highlight, however the camera operator missed the snap, but we do have a picture of the "Rolling the pea with your nose game" Can't remember who won that one as I fell asleep waiting, I think they ate the peas before they finished.

Still following the rules with all peas intact and all going the same way!

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