Wednesday 20 June 2012

First Rufus Baby

Our first Rufus baby, a little girl. Rufus has Ruffo as his grand sire. One of our seasoned alpaca mums gave birth today, taking advantage of the last of the good weather, giving us a lovely white female alpaca. New baby was on her feet, within two hours she was running about having perfected the use of her long legs and in search of the milk bar. 
Just two hours old, Rufus first cria

Wednesday 6 June 2012


Hi, it's been a while since I wrote, we now have two female cria and more due soon.
The alpacas have all been shorn they are much happier with their big fur coats off, now just having to skirt the fleeces to be sent off to the spinners.
Tango, our Supreme Champion Male has just started working and has covered Camillia and Shadow, he took to his job the first time he was introduced to a female and there is no looking back now. Our next trainee is Shaman, he came 2nd in his class at the recent South of England Show at Ardingly, for quite a time he was in first place, and judge Val Fullerlove took a long time to choose explaining that all the top three were excellent alpacas and all were of the quality to gain a first place, a confirmation of our breeding programme.
Alpacas sired by Rufus, with the Highlander and Ruffo pedigree are due any day very excited to see his progeny.