Friday 25 March 2011

First Cria of the Year

Not long born and still to fluff up
Well did not expect Nutmeg to give birth just yet, but it was very exciting to find a little bundle this morning. A lovely baby girl, Star has started out as he finished last year, more girls. Date wise she is premature but up on her feet and feeding well, mum is taking great care of her and keeping her by her side all the time. It is going to be colder tonight so she has got her cria coat on now, mum is happy with this she is still feeding her with her coat on. What a lovely first day she has had. She is all dried out and fluffed up this evening. Now the fun of naming her....

Thursday 24 March 2011

Primavera's Birthday Party

Hi, some spring sunshine and thoughts turn to the start of the mating season, for the alpacas that is !!
Camillia's little girl, Primavera turned one year old on the first day of spring, March 21st. With Commisario on her mothers pedigree, Primavera, grand daughter of Commisario, is set to be line mated with our son of Commisario, Regency. I like it when a plan comes together, then we just have to wait for the outcome next year. You learn to be very patient when breeding alpacas. We gave Prima a birthday party with jelly and ice cream, and her friends played party games, musical chairs when the legs fell off under a heap of alpacas was the highlight, however the camera operator missed the snap, but we do have a picture of the "Rolling the pea with your nose game" Can't remember who won that one as I fell asleep waiting, I think they ate the peas before they finished.

Still following the rules with all peas intact and all going the same way!

Friday 18 March 2011

Red Nose Antics

Are they getting organised for a conga ?

A quick photograph of the girls enjoying their Red Nose Party in between the rain showers, has someone got a silly hat on or have they come incognito ? I wondered why they commandeered the feed bucket this morning, at least no one is wearing it yet, maybe later.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Reviewing Health Records & Ordering Vaccinations

Just been reviewing the health records and our adult alpacas vaccinations are due soon, have ordered them from our local farm vets, Endells in Salisbury. We are so lucky to have such a good vets so close to our farm, they have excellent facilities including their own labs and hospital site. Our 2010 cria were all vaccinated last year so they are not due any boosters yet, which means we can spread the load a little. In 2010 we had 27 cria, 19 were girls ! How lucky were we, our stud male Antipodean Star had 80% female births from his first years progeny, fingers crossed for this season. Of our 8 boys we have already sold 3, 2 have potential stud prospects which only leaves us with 3 more pet boys available. Our website will be updated shortly with more details.

Monday 7 March 2011

Organising the Paddocks

We have been busy with the girls keeping a check on the pregnant ones, our first alpacas are due next month, but as alpacas are not machines their birthing covers a flexible window, anything from 10 and a half months to 12 and a half months is more than possible. Each alpaca birth is individual from year to year there are changes in length of gestation. We have separated those girls closest to birthing moving them closer to the house so we can keep a close eye on them and give them extra rations for their growing babies. The weather is just warming up nicely and the grass is starting to grow in readiness.

Thursday 3 March 2011

The North Winds Are A Blowing

There are cold winds blowing from the north east here, the pacas are fine they have such big fluffy fleeces now that they shrug off the cold, they are always pleased to see you with the feed buckets though. Trip off the farm yesterday to help with some mobile alpaca husbandry requirements mainly toe nail clipping, chance to catch up with some old friends and deliver some alpaca feed, Camelibra and Fibregest. We always give our alpacas these feeds to top up their vitamins and minerals. In addition the cria all get their A,D & E doses given throughout the winter months, we give this by injection, quick and simple, you know that they have all received their doses that way. We had planned some halter training this week, it is already thursday, maybe this afternoon. Right now it is time for a hot drink, for me not the pacas.