Thursday, 3 March 2011

The North Winds Are A Blowing

There are cold winds blowing from the north east here, the pacas are fine they have such big fluffy fleeces now that they shrug off the cold, they are always pleased to see you with the feed buckets though. Trip off the farm yesterday to help with some mobile alpaca husbandry requirements mainly toe nail clipping, chance to catch up with some old friends and deliver some alpaca feed, Camelibra and Fibregest. We always give our alpacas these feeds to top up their vitamins and minerals. In addition the cria all get their A,D & E doses given throughout the winter months, we give this by injection, quick and simple, you know that they have all received their doses that way. We had planned some halter training this week, it is already thursday, maybe this afternoon. Right now it is time for a hot drink, for me not the pacas.

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