Monday, 30 May 2011

Busy Weekend and Workshop

Had a busy weekend catching up, checking the records to organise the next group of alpacas ready for their birthing dates. We have one young alpaca who was put with the stud 19th July, she already has her udder bagged up and showing signs of impending readiness now, she is one to watch and will be moved up the list accordingly. Some longed for rain is the order of the day, newest mum and her baby are spending today in the barn, to keep them warm and especially to keep the cria (alpaca baby) dry. Young cria do not cope well with wet conditions. Work has almost finished on our newest addition, our workshop, studio and alpaca facility, The Sanctuary. More on this later.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Farm Routine

We have been busy on the farm recently with routine but necessary jobs, nothing too exciting, until monday when Alameda had her long awaited baby. A lovely little girl, but what horrible weather, soon tucked up in the cria care centre (barn) to keep her warm and dry. Mum and baby spent the day outside yesterday enjoying the sunshine. I noticed when it shone on the cria what exceptional brightness there was to her fleece just like silk. Today they are back inside as we have rain and cold wind again. Good news for the paddocks. A short break in birthing now until our next girls are due towards the middle of June, not too far away now, more Star and Smokey babies are up next. Back to the spinning.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Visitors and the long awaited rain

The W.I. visit went very well, the cakes were given the thumbs up. As was the interesting talk. All the ladies were very complimentary. But that was last week and since then we have had a perfect weekend of overnight rain soaked paddocks, and alpacas, but they loved it. Alameda is still crossing her legs and hanging on what for now I have no idea, she is approaching 365 days rapidly. It is lovely to see the first two cria growing up they are now great friends and always together. Whilst out feeding this morning I saw the cuckoo fly over the paddocks, he spend lots of time calling out for a female and flying around. Time to go check the girls over before a well earned hot drink.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Have been busy baking cakes for our visitors later today. A local W.I. are dropping by to see our alpacas and what you can do with their fleece. We are lucky to have plenty to show them, new babies, friendly youngsters and superbly fleeced adults. There will be a dsiplay of hand crafted artisan alpaca from hand spun yarns, hand knitted garments and hand felted products. A short talk on our lovely alpacas and a demonstration of hand spinning will be given. Looks like we have good weather for the event, and the strong wind that has been blowing for the past few days has lightened to a gentle breeze, so all should be perfect.

Only Alameda, who is still keeping hold of her baby, could provide a very interesting side show. She was looking very uncomfortable this morning at feeding, baby was moving about again, different bits sticking out of her side. I do hope if today is the day she will get on with it this morning, only time will tell.

Now what about those cakes !!!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Still Waiting

As the title says we are still awaiting Alameda's baby. Have been keeping a close watch on her, and yesterday there was plenty of baby movements kicking away at Alameda's tummy lots of bits proding about, always a positive sign. She is very slow almost waddling about now but still happily coming up to feed from the troughs and grazing. In the mean time a picture of Hannah's new baby, a lovely brown girl sired by our Australian Stud Smokey Joe.

Hannah and her new baby girl, Charlie
 In this photograph Charlie, as she is affectionately know, is only just up on her feet learning where the milk bar is situated.
On a completely different tack, we are hoping for some rain, had a little shower overnight but the paddocks would like more!!
Back off down to check on the pregnant mums, especially Alameda, but a watched pot never boils ....