Thursday 28 April 2011

Alameda keeps us on our toes

Our alpaca Alameda is within her birthing window, and plenty wide enough for two. She is keeping us guessing, one moment she is visitng the dung-pile and just standing there tail in the air, then she is off grazing as if not a care in the world. This morning she raced up to get her supplementary feed and now she is grazing happily. We are going to keep a very close watch on her from now on, could be baby news maybe later or maybe not !! Busy weekend on our caravan site with the long weekend. We have some helpers visiting for the weekend, and we have planned some halter training, toenail trimming, and a BBQ if the weather holds out, bank holiday weekend who knows ? Back off to check on Alameda.

Friday 22 April 2011

First Cuckoo

Today, well this morning, we heard the first cuckoo of the year. Another superb sunny day, when will we get some rain ? I know when the rain starts it will not remember how to stop. Newest alpaca baby has made friends with our first alpaca baby, both are growing well. Full up on the CL caravan site for Easter and May bank holiday, the best Easter weather for a while, am I tempting fate ?

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Another Addition

Another early alpaca baby, born yesterday. There were no signs when Hannah came up to feed this morning only when I was hoovering up the paddock I saw Hannah laying on her side, which was not unusual with the warm sunny weather all the girls have been taking turns at reclining taking the rays, and I could just make out a nose peeping out, 10.22am, then by 10.30am baby was on the ground taking her first breath. What a lovely first day she had, text book birth although baby came early there were no signs of prematurity. I know there were no mix ups with the dates as Hannah only needed to sit for the male, Smokey Joe, once. Just going back down to the paddocks for afternoon feeding for the two new mums and the expectant mums.

Friday 15 April 2011

Day Out

It was last week now that I visited the Shepton Mallet Showground and a craft fair. This time instead of taking a stand I went as a visitor. It was a great day out picking up ideas for the crafty side of alpaca fleece. Had hoped to visit the Spring Show but that plan went out of the window. Would have loved to see the Supreme Champion at the Spring Show, we have three Samson progeny and a Spartacus pedigree lineage here, it would have been very interesting to compare. Our Samson boys, Samurai & The Shaman are hopefully starting their stud career this summer. The Shaman was so far advanced last summer he has already served two girls, later this summer will be very exciting. Spartacus daughter Alameda, had a lovely cria with Neptune, Tangaroa, he too should be ready for stud duties later this year. For this year Alameda has been paired with Regency our Commisario pedigree stud, another exciting combination. Looking forward to a lovely weekend and visitors on sunday, hope that the weather stays good.

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Busy Weekend and Workshop

Time is racing by the paddocks were fertilised before the rain came, that was good. The weekend was busy more routine husbandry toenails and wormers on Saturday then Sunday at a "Birthing and Young Cria" workshop given by respected camelid vet Karin Mueller. This was mainly a refreshing of knowledge and ensuring that we are up-to-date with any new ideas and practices. It was hosted by Karen, we all had a very good day. Tuesday had a late start to cleaning the paddocks as it was raining, but caught up later in the day, and saw our first swallows fly by. Today is glorious sunshine and enjoyed lunch sat out in the paddocks watching four buzzards spiralling effortlessly upwards on the thermals and sunbathing alpacas, even the newest baby was stretched out soaking up the sun.

Friday 1 April 2011

Introducing Star's Anise

Another week has shot by, earlier this week we were busy fertilizing the paddocks before the rain came. With the changeable weather we had to keep a close eye on the new born cria. She has a waterproof coat to wear to keep her dry and warm, if the weather gets too bad we can take her into the barn if we need to, however it is mainly warm so she is outside for now, running about in the paddock hoping to get a playmate soon. Going back to the title of this post, we are not about to introduce some culinary recipe, just the name for our first cria of the year with Nutmeg and Star as her parents we felt this was an appropriate name for such a lovely little girl. (Are we biased?)
Star's Anise still early days