Thursday, 1 November 2012

Meet the Gang

Well, countdown to Christmas, what happened to summer ?
I thought that I would introduce you to "The Gang - Class of 2012"
Today it is the turn of Gloriana, a mid fawn female from one of our favourite dams, Caramel paired with one of our Australian/New Zealand/USA pedigree males, the Super Star - he has sired so many female alpacas.

Gloriana looking a bit muddy
She is well grown and about to be weaned from her mum. Lovely rich fawn fleece, a good all over colour, although today's photograph shows her a bit muddy from yesterday's rain.

I am busy preparing for Christmas Fayres with alpaca products made from our alpaca fleece, the first one is at Breamore village on 10th November. I will have hats, gloves and scarves available for lovely Christmas presents or just as a treat.

More Gang pictures to follow, come back soon !

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