Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Christine Mega Tip No 1

Have been busy getting fleeces skirted ready to send off to the show, you need to take time to look over all the fleece, very carefully. Took the parcel to the post office and now have my fingers crossed, firstly that the parcel arrives ok and then for good news with the results.

This is a "Christine Mega Tip" from one of her recent TV appearances. If you don't have the Sentiment Stamp that you want, or one the correct size, print off your own using your computer with a font and colour of your choice and then die cut with Spellbinders. This is so useful, used the idea for a Mother's Day Card Tag as in the photo. This is a work in progress, so far, but I just love the flexibility of not being "stuck" with the stamps that you have to hand, I was so pleased with how my tag came out. Sorry photo not very clear. Thanks to Christine for sharing this tip.

Mother's Day Card with printed tag

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