Friday, 25 November 2011

Routine Tests

It has been busy on the farm with routine tasks getting all the alpacas ready for winter. We have recently had alpaca samples checked for worms and coccidia this checks out that our husbandry is working and the correct doses are being administered. All came back fine, so after checking in with our vet, Keith, we know that our all the alpacas are free from any routine intervention until the spring. We will of course monitor them throughout the winter for any additional needs, and we are still giving a course of A,D & E injections where needed but especially to the 2011 cria, who are all growing up quickly now, a few have been weaned already and some are due to wean any day soon.
Aside from farm work which is a pleasure when the weather is so good, we are busy with orders for hand knitted hats, gloves and scarves using our own alpaca fleece which is so lovely in the natural colours and so soft to touch. It is a joy to knit with and a pleasure to wear.

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