Sunday, 1 May 2011

Still Waiting

As the title says we are still awaiting Alameda's baby. Have been keeping a close watch on her, and yesterday there was plenty of baby movements kicking away at Alameda's tummy lots of bits proding about, always a positive sign. She is very slow almost waddling about now but still happily coming up to feed from the troughs and grazing. In the mean time a picture of Hannah's new baby, a lovely brown girl sired by our Australian Stud Smokey Joe.

Hannah and her new baby girl, Charlie
 In this photograph Charlie, as she is affectionately know, is only just up on her feet learning where the milk bar is situated.
On a completely different tack, we are hoping for some rain, had a little shower overnight but the paddocks would like more!!
Back off down to check on the pregnant mums, especially Alameda, but a watched pot never boils ....

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