Friday, 22 February 2013

Scrapbook Skippy

This is one of my favourite alpacas. I call her Skippy, because that is just what she does when she runs up for her bottle. I had to resort to bottle feeding her as her mum did not want to. This is new, her mum has fed previous cria fine, but this one was born in the wet of last year and just never got started.

I am a keen papercrafter and love my Spellbinders dies. I wanted to try Scrapbooking and Skippy seemed to be the perfect place to start. However, when I got out a piece of 12x12 paper, I thought I would never do it justice, so decided to start with a smaller piece. I needn't have worried a few trusty Spellbinders later and I had more than enough to make a design. Now I am waiting for a 12x12 piece of paper to re-assemble my die cuts on to. But for today it is my lovely Skippy that is centre stage. Her dam is Bashful and her sire is Rufus, Skippy, or Highland Ruffle to give her her sunday name, is his first offspring.

Skippy on her scrapbook page

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